here are two more releases in the SOUNDSHOTS series:

soundshots #4 — GOING – Live at Atelier 210, Mar. 27th, 2018

GOING - Live At 210

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soundshots #3 —  The Crappy Mini Band – Live At Les Ateliers Claus, Apr. 17th 2011

CMB - Live At Les Ateliers Claus


presenting the second release in the SOUNDSHOTS series: a live recording of a trio with the great Darin Gray on upright bass, Mathieu Calleja on drums and Giovanni Di Domenico on Fender Rhodes

face Gray-Calleja-Di Domenico


It’s a sheer pleasure we have in announcing the release of Insalata Statica, the first album under the name of Giovanni Di Domenico, ready to be shipped in november!

you can get it here or at these fine distributors:

Insalata Satica - COVER.jpg


Insalata Statica – press sheet

The new solo LP by Giovanni Di Domenico, Insalata Statica comprises a single album-length composition, initially a suite of six distinct parts that have been weaved together to form a kaleidoscopic whole.

Composed and performed almost in its entirety by Di Domenico himself, the music takes listeners from passages of melancholic introspection through to fuzz-laden melodic exuberance. The subtle, shifting harmonies, rhythms and textures are deftly arranged – often blurring lines between a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instrumentation – to form a coherent arc from beginning to end. Moving through delicate motifs for horns, woodwinds, percussions, harp, guitar and electronics into more stately piano-led choruses and even hectic, Hammond-led jazz sections, Insalata Statica will appeal to fans of O’Rourke’s The Visitor.

The material for the album originated in studio recordings composed for a separate band project five years previously.Through techniques of overdubbing and editing, Di Domenico searched to find a common musical frame in which the different ‘songs’ he had quickly laid down could exist – and by the same means, finding a way in which to fuse diverse influences. Although the result of meticulous editing, Insalata Statica nevertheless retains a sense of spontaneity and lightness that gives the music an organic quality.

Insalata Statica, which translates in English as ‘static salad’ derives from a joke – a friend’s playful description of Di Domenico’s music. As the pianist says: “I prepared the salad fairly quickly, then took five years to ‘dress’ it. I thought it was perfect to have this more static beginning that slowly unfolds into different twists and tricks, to reach a much less static end.”

While largely recorded in the studio in his current city of residence, Brussels, it seems only fitting that for a peripatetic musician such as Di Domenico the album should suggest the experience of travel throughout its ever shifting movements. Listening to Insalata Statica, one can easily imagine the character of different landscapes – and their effect on mood and energy. The music seems to convey the haze of early departure; the romance of new climates; sleepy intervals and the hectic rush of transit; the feeling of sudden inspiration and the lasting traces of memory.

In the album’s changing moods, colours and tempos there are evocations of the melancholy of Franco Battiato’s 70s albums, Brazilian folk flourishes, the spacious, harmonically rich jazz of ECM recordings and oddball pop. Ushering such influences into a vibrant whole, revealing a skilful ear and an ability to blend instrumental timbres and melodic lines in surprising ways, Insalata Statica has a compelling, melodic charm all its own. Yusef Sayed

….and the same teaser with the great Vegetable Thriller, video by Loic Sturani!


our second release in 2017 is a co-production with the ever present swiss label three:four: we are very proud to present you Sir Robert Williams, by Oba Loba


Originally Oba Loba is a project of Norberto Lobo and João Lobo in order to satisfy their desire to compose music for a band. Their debut album, Oba Loba, released in 2015 and critically acclaimed, has been described as hybrid instrumentals that cannibalise popular song (Clive Bell in The Wire, july 2015). Comparisons with Tom Zé or Jim O’Rourke were made to try to qualify a music hard to categorize.
Recorded in May 2015, Sir Robert Williams is the second album of the sextet. While most of the songs are composed by Norberto and João Lobo, the influence of the other members, especially pianist Giovanni Di Domenico, is more perceptible. Mixing composed and improvised parts, the increased complicity allows the band to develop clearer atmospheres, oscillating between minimalism and dense orchestrations, gaining in dynamics without losing fluidity and nuances. More accomplished but less immediate than his predecessor, Sir Robert Williams remains faithful to what this project represents for the original duo: an area of freedom where the pleasure of playing and the desire to share are claimed.

press sheet SW013:TFR041


after a relatively quiet 2016, with only one release done, the new year will start with an amazing album, HARD OFF, by Delivery Health (the Di Domenico/O’Rourke/Yamamoto unit that brought us their first, eponymous album in 2015 now became a band…)

shipping starts the 15th march!



Delivery Health


Following the release of Delivery Health in 2015, the trio composed by Giovanni Di Domenico, Jim O’Rourke and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto returns with yet another amazing album. Delivery Health became the band name and Hard Off is the title of the second album. Recorded at the great GOK Sound studio in Tokyo in two different sessions, and composed of two long tracks, Hard Off brings the same warmness in sound (thanks again also to the fabulous mixing work done by O’Rourke) and attentive stuctural sensibility, this time in a little more ‘lyrical’ vein.

Giovanni Di Domenico: piano, fender rhodes 

Jim O’Rourke: electric guitar 

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto: drums, kalimba, electronics

side A:

Night Navigation

side B:

Hard Off

all music composed by Delivery Health

recorded in the falls of 2012 and 2013 in Gok Sound, Tokyo, by Yoshiaki Kondo
mixed at Steamroom, Tokyo, by Jim O’Rourke
mastered and cut by Frederic Altstadt at Angstrom Mastering, Brussels photography by Antonio Julio Duarte

cat. N°: SW014 – release date 15th march 2017